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Self-cleaning hairbrush

Self-cleaning hairbrush

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Your new comb - the perfect companion for smooth, well-groomed hair and a healthy scalp. Invest in your hair care routine and experience the innovation for yourself!

Discover the top-class hair straightener!

With a size of 170 mm long and 90 mm wide, our innovative plastic comb is not only handy but also extremely effective. Experience ultimate care thanks to its unique functions:

One-button self-cleaning system: This comb is more than just a simple hair tool. Its soft comb with fine teeth allows for effortless cleaning at the touch of a button, so you always have a flawless performance.

3D air cushion massage brush: Enjoy gentle, yet effective hair straightening with our unique air cushion massage brush. It not only creates smooth hair, but also provides a pleasant massage for the scalp.

Special brush for tangled hair: Our creation also includes a brush that not only detangles tangled hair, but also pampers your scalp. A massage that combines detangling and care!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Brigitte Hohnheiser

gute Qualität, gute Größe

Filip Strieder

Fühlt sich gut an auf der Kopfhaut.

Cassandra Proske

Gute Qualität.Gutes Material. Schnelle Lieferung.

Dana Kahl

Fühlt sich zwar gut an, bin mir aber nicht sicher wie gut das Material ist. Fühlt sich wie billig stoff an. Die Funktion ist aber gut.

Christiano Steffen

Nicht gut