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USB bracelet charging cable for C, IPhone and Micro USB.

USB bracelet charging cable for C, IPhone and Micro USB.

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  • Braided Nylon for Comfort: Made of waterproof, soft, lightweight and supple nylon braid. Nylon boasts remarkable durability and resists scratches and scuffs that could damage genuine leather. Unlike real leather, it remains resistant to cracking or peeling.
  • Fashionable & Convenient: The sleek, contemporary design allows it to be worn as a bracelet. Wear it around your wrist or attach it to your purse, keychain, backpack, briefcase or whatever you carry. The compact size of the bracelet prevents tangling of long cables and frees up space for other items.
  • Improved Conductivity: By using the latest conductive materials, we have not only doubled the thickness and reliability, but also increased the surface area. This effectively reduces the resistivity, significantly minimizes the voltage drop and ensures fast charging and high-speed data transfer.
  • Seamless double-sided connections: Chrome-plated sliding surface and seamless connections ensure a comfortable grip, increased pressure resistance and deformation resistance.
  • User-friendly design: The curved connector design combined with a thumb fit facilitates easy insertion and ensures correct alignment of the positive and negative terminals. Even in low light conditions, distinguishing between positive and negative terminals is effortless, allowing for smooth insertion and secure connections.
  • Versatile use during training: The bracelet, which also functions as a charging cable, offers a practical way for sports enthusiasts to charge their smartphone or sports equipment during training. No more worrying about empty batteries during intense workouts or outdoor activities - the bracelet always keeps you connected and ready for action. With a total length of 20 cm or 22.5 cm, it adapts to different wrist sizes. In addition, it has various connectors, including Mini USB for older devices, Type-C for Android devices and Lightning for iPhones. This makes it compatible with a wide range of devices from different brands to ensure that you stay connected anytime, anywhere.
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Customer Reviews

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Kari Batz

Genau das, was ich erwartet habe, gutes Material und funktionell, ich empfehle das Produkt!

Clement Rempel

Noch nicht getestet

June Conn

Funktionier perfekt!

Meaghan Schroeder

Schnelle Lieferung👌👍

Kane Lindgren

Funktioniert und sieht super aus!